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Exercise and Your Brain (Improve Your Brain Function & Mental Health)

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*Is exercise good for your brain? Is there any evidence to suggest that regular physical exercise improves brain health & longevity? Watch this video to hear what Coach Tonya has to say this.*

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Is exercise good for your brain? Is there any real evidence to support that being physically active has any impact whatsoever on brain/ mental health and longevity? Well as a matter of fact there is quite a bit of research & studies that do support these claims. Not only that, but this is not a NEW AGE topic of interest!

This has been an area of interest dating back to 1887 where the New England Journal of Medicine reported that: " . . . exercise may contribute to brain growth and the symmetrical development of the mental faculties." So what is THE BEST form of exercise to promote a healthy brain & support longevity? The jury is still somewhat out on that however, the bottom line is this . . . if you engage & remain consistent in some form of regular physical activity for a minimum of 30 minutes three times a week, your brain will benefit tremendously.

On study conducted by the University of British Columbia Canada in concluded the following: "Regular aerobic exercise . . . appears to boost the size of . . . the brain area involved in verbal memory and learning."

Due to medical advances and a greater awareness of health and wellness being a number one priority for many of us today it makes sense to stay active & keep fit to support a greater quality of life. However, it also weighs in heavily with respect to our brain and mental health in allow individuals to not only live longer, but to live longer being able to do the things they love and live independently.

We cannot avoid aging . . . it happens! But growing older does not mean becoming OLD! Taking care of yourself RIGHT NOW will have an influence on your health & wellness into your senior years and while being mobile is of tremendous importance, excellent brain health is also a huge element & plays a massive role in your quality of life into your senior years.


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